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We are not an ad agency.
That’s a good thing.

Times have changed. The storied agencies of yesteryear with legendary names on the door? Those guys don’t work there anymore. In their place is a machine focused on making more (and more expensive) stuff. The communications industry is more focused on finding new ways to communicate than they are on making sales.

It’s frustrating. We got frustrated. So we left that world to try something different.

We made a decision to change the way we approach the business of helping clients with sales and marketing. We wanted to return to the era when advertising and marketing professionals were trusted partners to their clients. Our goal is to be those partners.

What we do

The modern sales and marketing organization often falls victim to the children’s game of telephone. Many different groups pass information back and forth among each other, without talking to their clients. As a result, their strategic plans erode, and their outcomes often seem far removed from their intent.

Our approach is different. We help our partners build strong central marketing strategies and then manage the process, from building a prospectus for the finance folks to all the little things that must happen to get the salespeople on board.

How we’re different

Every firm says it’s different, whether or not that’s true. Here’s how we actually are:

  • We only have experienced consultants. Everyone is truly battled tested. We don’t land the business with senior leaders and then pass the work to someone whose diploma still has wet ink. When you hire Snowden Tatarski, you get Snowden and Tatarski on the team.
  • We measure our performance by your profit. We are not chasing exposure, buzz, awards or online friends. We seek to help our clients achieve sustainable and profitable sales. Helping you do that is award enough.
  • We immerse ourselves in your business like no other consulting firm. Instead of camping out in your conference room, expect to see us in the factory, at the store and with the salespeople.
  • We keep our client roster small on purpose. Doing so lets us focus on your sales and marketing objectives more closely.
We know what we’re talking about. When we consult on the mechanisms of a sales and marketing effort, our viewpoint comes from real experience.

Our work


We have partnered with businesses ranging from leading global manufacturers to a small seminary. Here are a few of the industries we have worked in where we planned and executed the core marketing strategy:

  • Restaurants/Hospitality
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Foods
  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate

Specific activities we have performed:

  • Consultation on the structure of a sales and marketing organization
  • Consultation and coaching on the creation of marketing strategy, plans and budgets
  • Consultation and creation of brand strategy and resulting action plans
  • Creation of comprehensive marketing communication materials and advertising strategy and materials
  • Creation of sales and field personnel training materials
  • Product development, livery design and packaging design
  • Brand asset valuation and brand topography consultation
  • Marketing strategy analysis (Red Teaming)


What we sell is our approach to marketing. Perhaps the best evaluation of that approach is to understand it through some of our published materials. We are happy to send these to you free of charge:

The Promise and the Trust

The Promise and the Trust

All marketing comes down to the quality of our promises and whether or not prospective customers can trust us to make good on them. In this 2009 book, we outline our method for evaluating and creating sound promises and the steps to help customers trust those promises. We also discuss brand portfolio management and activation within the sales and marketing system.

It's not a widget

It’s not a widget

It’s business and it is personal. In the era of reducing marketing management to spreadsheets, this book argues for a more intrinsic and methodical way to make marketing planning work. Based on a year-long engagement running a marketing department for a major manufacturer, It’s not a widget deals with everything from the fundamental goals of a marketing organization to presenting a budget that will make the finance VP stand up and cheer… and all the really important things in between.

Gin, Incense and Deacon Blues

Gin, Incense and Deacon Blues

A raucous collection of essays on the communications industry with a few jabs and pokes. This work includes a bingo board of clichéd ideas used in modern car commercials, the tale of the Conch Republic and a history lesson on sabotage. An early work from our firm— and it shows.

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