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AGCO Tractors

AGCO Tractors presented us with an amazing challenge. The company had spent years developing an amazing new tractor with all kinds of unique and desired benefits, and our job was to help launch it. That was the easy part. The hard part was the fact that they were going to launch the exact same tractor in two additional brands at the same time and event.

Our task was to find the heart, soul and pitch for a product that was identical to two others. After spending a good bit of time with customers and dealers, it dawned on us that they, in fact, were the answer. The differentiation was in the ways the product was sold and in who bought it.

Dealers that sold AGCO Tractors typically served traditional family farms. These farms, as it turns out, have had some challenges of scale, labor availability and technology, and this tractor could solve many of these issues. In a sense, it was a product to help the family farm survive and even thrive.

So we shouted it from every mountain top: Long Live the Family Farm.

The campaign had a host of firsts for the company. We created some online teasers in an era where that was hardly done. Our broadcast featured archival farm footage we collected from dealers and customers. We printed flags and t-shirts and bumper stickers all proclaiming the right of the family farm to deserve admiration.

The campaign received a tremendous reception from dealers and customers and won an award for New Product Introduction from the National Agricultural Marketers Association.

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