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Engagement: 12 years

  • Brand strategy and development
  • Advertising, literature, direct mail
  • Video, CGI, animation, online development, social media management
  • Music composition
  • Product development, introduction, naming/ branding
  • Research and strategic planning
  • Marketing systems planning and creation
  • Lead generation, scoring and nurturing


The decades-old Gleaner combine harvester was all but dead in 2007 when we were assigned to a small team to bring the brand back to life and make its sales profitable again. It was a dream assignment. The product was fantastically differentiated and had a small but passionate group of supporters that would stop at nothing to return this remarkable product and brand to its former glory.

Our first task was to get the message and structure in a usable format. In an industry where celebrating an anniversary every five years is commonplace, we sought to derive a message from the product itself and the committed owners and fans who loved it. In 2008, the Gleaner R6 Series was launched with a strong set of updates and the resounding message “Built with the farmer in mind.”

Rather than resting on our laurels, we quickly huddled with the team on a major redesign and a marketing campaign to match. Close collaboration of marketers, engineers, salespeople and dealers gave the new Gleaner S7 Super Series the momentum it needed to break records in the company and bring a host of industry firsts to the segment.

Marketing Gleaner took unique selling propositions, technical product attributes and customer goodwill, all channeled through a simple but powerful communication strategy. The brand was recognized as one of the first in the segment to use social media effectively and measures organic reach online in the millions. Gleaner has been continually lauded for its powerful and efficient marketing and was profiled for its work in AgriMarketing magazine

Gleaner followed the S7 Series launch with releases of the S8 and S9 Series combines and continues to draw major attention from the observing and buying public. The brand is a true and rare story of rags to riches, and we at Snowden Tatarski are extremely proud to have been a part of this remarkable team for over ten years.


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